Weekly Memes

I feel like my book blog has languished in the last three months or so, because I have not been reading as much, and because my time has been taken up with other things (my other blog, for example).  So I started searching for some weekly book(ish) memes to participate in…memes that would give me something different, but book related, to write about each day…quick & easy posts to fill the gaps between book reviews.

Here are the possibilities I’ve come up with:

Monday:  It’s Monday, What are You Reading? (hosted by Book Journey)
Tuesday:  Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish), Teaser Tuesdays (hosted by Should Be Reading)
Wednesday:  WWW Wednesday (hosted by Should Be Reading)
Friday:  Friday Finds (hosted by Should Be Reading), First Lines Friday (hosted by Literary Marie’s Precision Reviews)
Saturday:  Shelf Candy Saturday (hosted by Five Alarm Book Reviews), Quote Love (hosted at Midnight Twilight’s Book Blog – still going?), Simple Smile Saturdays (a fun idea started at Tales of a Book Lover that appears to have languished…)
Sunday:  The Sunday Salon?

Sunday is probalby going to be my off day, so The Sunday Salon is likely to be a “read only” project, and I haven’t found a weekly meme for Thursdays…yet.  If you participate in memes like the ones above, let me know which ones (if it isn’t already listed).  Tell me how you like it.  I’m not much of a paranormal / vampire lit person, but I’m open to most everything else.

Looking forward to hearing from some fellow bookish nerds!



  1. I think that the blog memes are a double edged sword. They draw attention to the blog and generate new ideas of books to read, but they also take up time that could be spent reading. Comment on others’ blogs takes more time yet it helps build friendships, too. I notice that you want to participate in “What are You Reading Monday”, but you didn’t post what you are reading. 🙂 Ha! Have fun!

  2. I am bias since I am the host of Its Monday! What Are You Reading, LOL
    I enjoy that one because you are talking books, linking to the reviews you posted during the week and giving people a chance to check them out. I have found so many great reads through this meme.

    Have fun choosing what works best for you 🙂

  3. I really enjoy Wondrous Word Wednesday, hosted by Bermuda Onion. It’s a great way to learn something, and fascinating to see the words that other people pick up, and what is and isn’t common in different places. British terms often seem to stump the Americans.

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