What Would YOU Include?

Aside from the actual blurb and review, I’m curious what those who review books find pertinent or useful in a book review.  Since I started reviewing books, I have typically included some indentifying info at the top of the review:  title, media type, # of pages, ISBN, and sometimes other details provided by Amazon.com or Goodreads.com.  Over time, I settled onto a set of things I included every time…all of the above plus my rating.

I read book reviews on a regular basis – from lots of different media – and I have seen a lot of different styles, types of information, formats, etc.  So I am posing a question to you…READERS…about what details you think should always be present in a good book review.  I want to improve this year, and you can help me!

Of the list below, what is critical to know?  What absolutely must be included?  What should be left out?  What is not necessary?  What can make a good review better?  More enjoyable to read?  What can detract or distract?

  1. Format / Media type
  2. Number of pages / disks
  3. Number of recorded hours (audio)
  4. Rating (x out of 5, x out of 10)
  5. ISBN
  6. Back of the book blurb and/or plot summary
  7. Main characters
  8. Setting
  9. Genre (novel, novella, poetry, short story, play, etc.)
  10. Literary category  (psychology, fiction, nonfiction, Southern lit, Asian lit, etc.)
  11. Why I read the book?
  12. When I started / finished the book?
  13. Author info
  14. Picture
  15. Link to Amazon.com (or other) to purchase book

That’s all I can think of at the moment.  If there is something that you believe is important that I have not thought of, please share it with me.  I welcome your input!

Happy Reading…and reviewing. 🙂


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